National Executive Committee

Formed on February 22, 2013 at the 3rd Annual General Meeting

Sl Executive Council Designation
1 Dr. A.K.A Mubin President
2  Prof. Dr. M.A.Majed (Deceased – currently vacant)  Vice-President
3  Ms Laila Rahman Kabir  Vice-President
4  Prof. Jahanara Alauddin  Secretary General
5  Syed Abdul Muktadir  Treasurer
6  Mr Motiur Rahman C’howdhury  Joint Secretary General
7  Prof. Dr. Nasima Akhtar  Joint Secretary General
8  Prof. Dr. Zahedul Alam  Joint Secretary General
9  Dr. A M M Shawkat Ali  Executive Member
10  Mr Abdul Muyeed Choudhury  Executive Member
11  Mr. Mohammed Farashuddin PhD  Executive Member
12  Dr. A.T. M Shamsul Huda  Executive Member
13  Mr. Mahbubur Rahman  Executive Member
14  Mr. A.T.M Sarwar Hussain  Executive Member
15  Prof. Dr. Kamrul Hasan Trarafdar  Executive Member
16  Dr. M.A. Jalil  Executive Member
17  Mr. Dilip Das Gupta  Executive Member
18  Engineer Ahbab Hussain Choudhury  Executive Member
19  Architect Ahsanul Haque Khan Swapan  Executive Member
20  Dr. Zakir Hussain  Executive Member
21  Prof. Dr. Abu Yusuf Fakir  Executive Member
22  Dr. Monilal Aich Litu  Executive Member
23  Representative of Health & Family  Executive Member
24  Representative of Ministry of Finance  Executive Member
25  Representative of Ministry of Social Welfare  Executive Member

Deceased Council Members

Sl Executive Council Profession Designation
1 Late. Dr Mohammed Alauddin Professor, Otolaryngology Dept. BSM Medical University, Dhaka  Secretary General
2 Late. Mr. Syed Shamim Ahsan Retired Secretary, Government of Bangladesh  Member
3 Late Mr. Samson H. Chowdhury Chairman, Square Group of Companies  Member
4 Late Prof. M A Majed Ex-advisor to the caretaker Govt. and Prof. of ENT  Vise President