Consultation fees and medical charges are made on an individual patients needs and financial circumstances which are assessed by the hospital administration. Reduced rates are applicable for poor and underprivileged patients. The foundation also provides services at free to cost to very poor patients.

Outdoor Patients:
 Outpatient – OPD Ticket  30
 Consultation  200
 Tonsillectomy  8,000
 Adenotonsillectomy  8,000
 Septoplasty  8,000
  Direct Laryngoscopy  8,000
 Myringoplasty  10,000
  Microlaryngeal surgery  10,000
 Mastoid surgery  12,000
 Hemithyroid  12,000
 Total/Near total thyroidectomy  15,000
 FESS  15,000
 Radical/modified Neck dissection  20,000