Bangladesh is a developing country facing a multitude of health problems with a large emphasis on the diseases of the ear, nose and throat (ENT). The main ENT related problem causing morbidity is deafness. It is most common in rural villages.

There are about 1 million cancer patients in Bangladesh, 30% of these patients are ENT related. At present, limited facilities are available for treatment of these patients. Consequently the well to do patients goes abroad for treatment of ENT & Head-Neck Cancer related diseases. For a population of 160 million people, there are only 250 beds in government hospitals for ENT patients.

Even the private sector and NGOs are struggling in this sector. With a view to improve the situation, some philanthropist social workers, doctors and other professionals formed The ‘ENT and Head-Neck Cancer Foundation’ and started a ENT & Head-Neck Cancer Hospital in April, 2004 with a very limited facility in a rented property in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

With the above background, the foundation proposed to establish a modern ENT Hospital and Institute at Plot No. F-12 Agargaon Administrative Area, Sher-E Bangla Nagar, Dhaka on land allotted by the Government. The project was undertaken at a cost of Taka 249.35 million jointly funded by the Govt. of Bangladesh and The ENT & Head-Neck Cancer Foundation.


  • Establishment of a 100 bed ENT and Head Neck Cancer Hospital and Institute at its own premises.
  • Initiation of post graduate training on ENT specialty and subspecialty.
  • Undertaking research activities on ENT and Head Neck Cancer and other related diseases.
  • Building up public awareness of the prevention and early treatment of different ENT disorders including head neck cancer.


To provide world-class Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) related healthcare, including treatment of cancer to people from all over Bangladesh particularly, the underprivileged sections of society.


To become the premier ENT hospital of Bangladesh by 2020.


  • Caring – We are passionate, considerate, respectful and empathetic towards those individuals and families suffering from ENT diseases. We believe that all people should be treated with consideration and dignity.
  • Dedication and commitment– We are totally dedicated and committed in providing an improved healthcare service to our patients. We recognise that such dedication requires a unique strength of character – an inherent quality found in the hearts and minds of our team.
  • Integrity – We are honest and ethical in all that we do, and engage in responsible decision-making that reflects the highest standards of conduct. This ensures that our credibility, leadership and use of donor support are never in question.