Following the completion of this 100 bed hospital, it will provide preventive and supportive care of the ENT patients and head-neck cancer patients in Bangladesh in addition to normal patients care. Future activities will include:

i. Generation of public awareness about the ENT diseases and associated conditions.

ii. Education and motivation of the public for prevention of ENT disease specially hearing problem and head neck cancer.

iii. Undertaking study/research work on the course, treatment of speech therapy and rehabilitation of patients suffering from ENT diseases.

iv. Establishing laboratories with research facilities for the benefit of ENT patients.

v. Imparting education and training to the doctors, nurses and allied persons in the field of ENT and head-neck cancer either in the country on abroad.

vi. Printing, publishing and circulating papers related to ENT disease & cancer for dissemination of knowledge.

vii. Promoting research work on ENT diseases and head neck cancer and hearing impairment

viii. Organizing workshop, Camp, Seminar, Symposium, at the centre and rural areas.

ix. Development of Cochlear implant centre & audiovestibular laboratory.

x. Establishment of Speech Laboratory.

xi. Rehabilitation for vertigo, deaf and cancer patients.